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I'm thinking about continuing redesigning more of the Madworld/Anarchy Reigns characters to mobians for the Story. Any suggestions who I should do next?

Madworld Characters:
Little Eddie (Might stay the same, but I'd draw him in colour)
Jude the Dude
The Masters
The Shamans
Shogun(also might stay the same)

Anarchy Reigns Characters:


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Gurren Lagann stamp by stardroidjeanStamp: Kamina's Mantra by sirbartonsladyHondo FTW by rayn44Airloft Wool Stamp by Jerard-KalShadow the Hedgehog stamp by Escope3456Deadpool stamp by ShadowKusatsuStampRQ: Vader pizza by SupremeSonrioBreak the stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixedMadWorld Stamp by ThellsStampsSonic Stamp 3 by JetProwerTheFoxUncle Stamp by LadyCharizardStar Wars: Mandalorian Stamp by RuluuPostageClones are people too stamp by SophiaDragonMasterNerf-Herder by Phobic42Ed is short stamp by Okami-MoonyAvengers Stamp -  Robert and Jeremy dance by The-GreenGoblinAvengers Stamp - Tom and Robert hug by The-GreenGoblinVon Twirlenkiller Stamp by Jerard-KalHawkeye- Earth's Mightiest Heroes stamp by nolightssRvB: We have a problem... by odis-odisRedVsBlue Stamp - Blue Team by DJH4311caboose stamp by khangas1Rage Quit Stamp by P0SSUMSBrawl: Proud Snake User Stamp by WolfTwilightIt's Showtime by dazedgumballUnstoppable Juggernaut Stamp by Jerard-KalSTAMP - I support Deadpool by Emme-GrayThe True Sparkling Man by Natures-RoseGurren Brigade GET by SasumiDeadpool for president stamp by MysticalTemptressCaptain America YOU MOVE stamp by SChanColordrake Stamp by Jerard-KalDormammu stamp by Jerard-KalE-123 Omega stamp by Escope3456Dormammu Stamp 2 by Jerard-KalDormammu stamp 3 by Jerard-KalUnion Jack stamp by Jerard-KalThor Stamp by Jerard-Kal-SPOILER- TTGL Stamp 1 by PataphyxThor Stamp 2 by Jerard-KalInsidizel Fan stamp by Jerard-KalInsidizel Fan stamp 2 by Jerard-KalSonic4ever stamp by Jerard-KalShocker stamp by Jerard-KalMighty Stamp by Jerard-KalAntoine Fan Stamp by Jerard-KalThe True Sparkling Man by Natures-RoseBear Stamp by DsharkRVB Stamp- Tex and Tucker by KeiserAinokoImmature Stamp -RvB- by purplejub1993DJCRvB Stamp by nfn678Shady Stamp by shadyeverMiles Tails Prower stamp by Escope3456Boots Stamp - SILVER VERSION by MasterGalladeDeadpool Stamp by aniphxShadow Stamp by PFV0-StampFalcon PUUUNCH stamp by LittlelinkyTTGL Stamp 2 by PataphyxMiguel EPIC Stamp by Red-SinistraPokemon XD Miror B Stamp by Xander3000Dante Stamp by Captain-AlbertWeskerSedosa Fan stamp by Jerard-KalKnuckles the Echidna stamp by Escope3456Avengers Stamp - Robert and Mark by The-GreenGoblinBuntoine Fan Stamp by Nikki-Nicole-PSnake Stamp by SonKittyThe Name Is Bond. James Bond. by CaL1BuRStamp: Go Sally O_O by T9581Scared Ed and Al stamp by Okami-MoonySwat Kats Stamp by HotarubakuAvengers  Stamp - That Man is playing Galaga ! by The-GreenGoblinI've Got A Jar Of Dirt Stamp by mrslovettrulesDurge Sees You Stamp by M591Maria stamp by HeykeetheBatArchie StH Stamp 027 by TheRosePrinceMARVEL Thor + Hulk Stamp by TwilightProwlerSilver the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiSonic and Chip fighting over Meat Bun Stamp by VertekinsBody Switching Stamp by InsidiZelVector the Crocodile stamp by Escope3456Castle Crashers: Blue Knight by PetrifiedMoonCastle Crashers: Orange Knight by PetrifiedMoonI survived Stamp by BuboniccRebel Scum Stamp by UlarioStella - 2nd Movie Promotional Stamp 3/3 by EvoDeusAssist Me! Stamp by Jerard-KalRiveting Tale, Chap (Stamp Version Improved) by EvoDeusChef Wesker Stamp by Jerard-KalBlitz Stamp by Jerard-KalGeneral Grievous Stamp 5 by dA--bogeyman
You Got Trolled By Loki by DevanTheNoobMetal Gear Rising Stamp by Seraphoid

dartherella by Mechanical2127Castle Crashers - Blue Knight by paperyoshi01Castle Crashers - Green Knight by paperyoshi01Castle Crashers - Red Knight by paperyoshi01Castle Crashers Orange Knight by paperyoshi01

Mandalorian Warrior by Rex-Fox-Cody
Sarge by eweredDormammu by steamboy33

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