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As a way to try to get myself back into the beat of writing, I'm going to do my best to recount the events of Season 2: Gra'tua Cuun or Our Vengeance.

The story picks up as Shadow finishes a year in solitude learning from a holocron the Jerard Kal gave him as a parting gift, expecting never to see him again. This cannot be further from the truth, or I wouldn't have continued the story. In the shadows, Eggman and M.O.D.O.K. have been secretly preparing this world for an Imperial invasion that would transport the planet of Mobius through time and space back to the Galactic Empire. What I never really mentioned was that to conduct this plan, the Empire had been using the Master Emerald to send much smaller supplies to Mobius, and using the future Master Emerald as a conduit and anchor to later bring the planet through. 

Since in the story, the Chaos Force is another aspect of the Greater Force, Shadow would sense it. Of course, he has no inkling of what's going on. At the same time, G.U.N. has acquired the services of Deadpool to help the rest of Team Dark find Shadow, who has been AWOL for a year. Both Shadow and Team Dark would find themselves at Eggman's base. Though in the original series, only Deadpool and Shadow escaped, it would be careless of me not to mention what happens to Rouge and Omega, especially since nothing bad happened to them. So instead, all four of them find an Imperial Shuttle and hijack it upon Shadow's insistence. 

It is at this time that Mobius is thrust into the past and they can escape to find help. Team Dark escapes into Hyperspace, with Vader taking note and sending a token force to follow as the Empire establishes themselves on Mobius, conquering the planet with ease. I understand that most of the main heroes wouldn't go down without a fight, but I did set up some moments where they could be tricked and captured.

There would be a resistance group forming not long after the Empire attacks, but it wouldn't be a strong enough force to really fight back. Meanwhile, the Kal Clan has allied with the Rebels after Jerard was forced to give in to a bet he had made with Silver. They would be searching for a suitable base for the Rebels after the destruction of the first Death Star. This is before the decided on Hoth and likely the decision would be made quickly after this. 

The scouting fleet would be pulled out of hyperspace by an Imperial Intedictor, which was equally surprised to face Rebels forces so suddenly. Amidst the fight, Team Dark's shuttle is pulled out of Hyperspace. Both Rebels and imperials would take note, and as the interdiction field was destroyed, the shuttle jumped into Hyperspace again.

Out of curiosity, Jerard would go with a few pilots to follow the shuttle as the fleet continued its mission. Not to get into specifics, but this is where the newly rebuilt Agent Tex and reborn Maria are introduced, being projects created by the Empire and brought to Eggman for use against Mobius. Since the ship was taken before any procedures could be done, they were more or less themselves, save for Maria who was now a hedgehog. 
(Cue the massive force of commentors saying that's stupid but this is my story, and luckily, there is no Shadaria, in fact, there is now Shadow romance in any part of this series. There are too many of you shippers to try and please.)

The next part is simply to help Jerard and Shadow reunite as well as show the fate of a character from Season 1 who has not been back in the series for a long time and likely won't come back. They share stories and learn about how Jerard was trying to return Silver and Church back to their own times over the course of 19 years. More emotional stuff and now, off to save Mobius.

I didn't mention the Resistance much because they do exactly what you might expect. It served only as a way to include fan characters on Hatena who have not kept in touch. Otherwise, Deathseeker didn't want competition so he decides to help free Mobius from the Empire, but only this one time. So behold, fight time. 

Several episodes of fights pass by and Dark Clones are introduced if only for the sake of extending the story. A small strike team goes in, they are all scanned, and they fight mobian or dark versions of themselves. The only impressive parts of those fights were the animations I put effort into. Later, they hack into the computers and I make a Computer Room joke. All the while, they fight the Shadow Troopers and Dark Trooper Elite while gathering information to combat the Empire. 

Then I use a plot point to introduce more villains and characters, bringing in the Ghost of Revan, Tikal, and Darth Maul as a mobian. The rest of the test subjects are destroyed by Revan and the Meta, who survived getting stabbed by a lightsaber?! Now that's a badass. Anyway, the Meta helps the Rebels only because he felt betrayed by his allies in Season 1. He spent 19 years here too, you know.

After more fighting and running from Imperials, we're presented with Jerard fighting the Dark Mobian version of himself, and the reason why he didn't like being "part mobian" later on in the series. He does the impossible and is the first human to unleash the power of the Chaos Emeralds, which by the way, he never lost since his clan found them on Felucia. He DOESN'T go super. Instead, he has glowing markings on his armour and body, which I thusly dubbed the Aegis Form. He was able to harness an enormous amount of Force energy and defeat his double. 

There are other revelations later on that are not important for the story now, but I can mention later on. People cheer as the Rebels and Mobians successfully repel the Empire from Mobius and they celebrate their victory for now.

Currently, in the present time, The Ghost of Revan has not reappeared nor will he until it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. Tikal spends her time as a Guardian along with Knuckles and the Meta, who took a liking to her after he was asked to help keep her safe. Maria lives with her cousin Hope in Station Square. The fate of Darth Maul reborn is uncertain, but he is planned for upcoming events, including a return to his former form. 

As for the Fan Characters involved, let's just say they went back to doing their own things. I'm not going to dictate anything, especially with my own characters to develop. Hopefully you enjoy this and I can get some motivation for Season 4.


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